21 October 2007

Tarot Bag Pattern

I am completely delighted with my second Tarot Bag. I made this one for myself to match the tarot cards I've had my eye on, The Goddess Tarot, which is a remake of the traditional Ryder deck with a few differences. The Major Arcana - these are the un-suited cards like "The Hanged Man", "The Fool", "Justice" - have been replaced by token goddesses from various cultures, while each suit of the Minor Arcana - Pentacles, Swords, Cups and Staves - are associated with an appropriate goddess. The artwork is beautiful and the tarot guide book has been updated with Kris Waldherr's interpretations of what each card and goddess represents. So far the wisdom I've gleaned from my readings can be summed up to the tune of Bob Marley: "Don't worry about a thing, every little thing's gonna be alright!" I am new to tarot so I might be missing some subtleties of the message... :)

The tarot bag gives a mystical precious feel to the tarot cards; I spent a lot of time, spread out over the past few weeks, creating the bag with this specific purpose in mind. I imagined this bag put away in a drawer somewhere, protecting these special cards from the other mundane contents of the drawer, containing some bubble of insight that would be released when I open the drawer, take out the bag, and untie the drawstring.

I've written out the pattern here for those who have something special, tarot deck or otherwise, that needs to be protected from the ups and downs of everyday life...


Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy
Main Color (MC): Green Apple
Contrasting Color (CC): Navy Blue


Clover DPNs size US 5

Bag Instructions:

Cast on 72 stitches using MC. Join in round, placing 18 stitches on each DPN, and work seed stitch pattern:

Row 1: K1 P1 entire row
Row 2: P1 K1 entire row

Repeat these two rows for 1 inch, ending with Row 2. Continuing seed stitch pattern, make drawstring holes as follows:

Row 1: K1 P1 K1, K2 tog, YO, SSK, P1 K1 P1 K1 P1, K2 tog, YO, SSK, K1 P1 (repeat across each needle to end of row) * Stitch count is now 64
Row 2: P1 K1 P1, K1, Kf&b, P1, K1 P1 K1 P1 K1, P1, Kf&b, K1, P1 K1 (repeat across each needle to end of row) * Stitch count is now 72

Continue with the top of the bag in MC. Using seed stitch pattern above, knit in round for 1.5 inches past the drawstring holes. Finish by knitting one entire row in MC (K all stitches).

Color pattern:
Rows 1&2: Using CC, *K2 Sl1, repeat from *
Rows 3&4: Using MC, *K1 Sl1 K1, repeat from *
Rows 5&6: Using CC, *Sl1 K2, repeat from *
Rows 7&8: Using MC, *K2 Sl1, repeat from *
Rows 9&10: Using CC, *K1 Sl1 K1, repeat from *
Rows 11&12: Using MC, *Sl1 K2, repeat from *

Repeat rows 1-12 until bag reaches total desired length (recommended size: 12 inches total). If you know what will be stored in the bag, use that item to determine the desired bag size.

Knit one entire round using MC. Graft bottom of bag closed using kitchener stitch and MC. Sew in all ends.

Drawstring Instructions:

Cut six long strands of yarn and, leaving a long tail, knot the strands together at one end. Divide the six strands into three groups and braid the doubled strands together into a tight uniform braid. Continue until drawstring is the desired length (recommended length is 24 inches total). Tie a knot in the loose end, securing the end of the braid. Trim the remaining yarn, leaving a long tail on this end as well.

Weave the drawstring through the eyelets in the bag. Decide how you want the drawstring to be strung, depending on length and functionality. Once drawstring is in position, fasten beads or other dangly accessories to each end of the drawstring using the long tails of leftover yarn.



Bobbi said...

It's fabulous! Thanks for sharing!!

Cecilia said...

Irie, this is such a pretty bag. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Acornbud said...

Cute bag, thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

What a lovely pattern! Thanks so much for sharing. I can imagine making dozens of these, different color combinations for each of my decks...


spider said...

Hello Irie,
Found your blog featuring your GREAT, knitted Tarot bags by very recently joining Ravelry and hopping on the Tarot group. You're very kind to share your patterns. Beautiful!!
Cheers, Jenny

Daybreak*Dawning said...

Don't knit but that is a great bag! Welcome to the world of Tarot, Quirk