20 July 2007

The Swatchie Family

Meet Mr. Swatchie. Mr. Swatchie spent yesterday in my pocket. Mr. Swatchie very patiently sat through eight hours of class, and made a good impression on the ladies at the knitting circle. He is very well-mannered, and made an excellent companion on my long day away from home.

Mr. Swatchie was in the Navy, and considers himself the head of the Swatchie family. "I am more mature than the others," he says, "because I was in the Navy. Because of my time in the Navy, I often feel very blue. Kermit the Frog says it's not easy being green, but I think he should be thankful. It's much harder being Navy."

Here is the entire Swatchie family. From left to right: Jet (Black), Kelly (Green), Sky (Blue), Pumpkin, Burgundy, Bright (Yellow), Navy, Russet, Emerald and Chestnut.

The Swatchie family would like to show you this choreographed interpretive dance they have been working on:

Oooh. Ahhh. Very nice! The Swatchie family is very talented.

Pumpkin fancies himself an artist (pronounced ar-TEEST) and tries to work with oil paints when I am not looking.

I would prefer it if Pumpkin would find a hobby that wasn't so potentially messy. But I am glad that none of the Swatchies have taken up an interest in fire dancing (yet).

Goodbye from me and The Swatchie family. Have a lovely weekend!


N. Maria said...

You are so talented! Not only a knitter but the way you write (blog).
I wonder what Mr. Swatchie will be up to next week.

MaryjoO said...

SNAZZY colors changes on the plate ... see, your last job incarnation has some pluses!

Bobbi said...

The Swatchie family IS so cool and Talented!!!

Erika said...

Are they looking to adopt? Please inquire, I'd love to be one of the fam!

kelp! said...

I love the Swatchie family! What a good idea to test out your dyes, I think I'm going to do this at some point (well, dye test hanks at least).