22 June 2008

Black Sheep Gathering


Anonymous said...

Love the critter shots! I offer the following unsolicited captions:

Shot #1: "Yes, yes, I am a sheep. Behold my magnificence."

Shot #2: "Hey Sidwell! Wouldcha lookie harr. I ba-ba-ba-lieve dat's wot dey call a ca-merrrrr-ah."

Shot #3: "OMG!"

Butzelkuh said...

The spinning wheel is a Kromski Sonata - just in case you wanted to know... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Those alpacas are the cutest things I ever saw - like something a child would draw. I want one!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had the same experience at Black Sheep! (Socks That Rock skeins are definitely rocking my bank account now...) Love your pics, I must post mine too.

Anonymous said...

This is off=topic but I miss your podcast!! Will you be starting it up again? I hope so!