25 June 2006


Lemonade, o lemonade
how I love thee, lemonade
   cool and sour
   at the hottest hour
nice tall glass o' lemon shade

Summer fruit, summer fruit
how I love thee, summer fruit
   soft and sweet
   between my teeth
juicy ripe bowl o' summer loot

Ice cream, o ice cream
how I love thee, ice cream
   cold coconut milk
   smooth as silk
yummy vegan ice cream dream


da5id said...

I love your poem! And we're about to love harvesting that summer loot!

KarenK said...

Yummm! Looks delicious. Can't wait until I'm back in Oregon's sensible summer weather -- here in Virginia, when it's summer temps, that means thunderstorms as well. Good rhymin' lyrics, got some music to go with?

Dick said...

Home made
Yum, yum;
Give me some!